Sanitized - Sealed - Delivered
It's our responsibility to keep your experience worry-free.

Competitive Vehicle Services is dedicated to keeping you safe in these unprecedented times. We want your business to thrive while providing you the vehicles you need in the safest way possible. Rest assured we take this responsibility very seriously and are doing everything we can to keep both our employees and our customers safe. Your safety is our #1 concern as we continue to follow all CDC and State of Michigan guidelines. 

Cleaning Process

Employee Safety

Our employees will be health screened before entering our 13,633 sq. ft building. Only a handful of employees will be in the facility at one time and will be wearing masks and gloves.

Spray Disinfectant

Using Transform, a patented antimicrobial technology that kills 99.99% of bacteria and 44 organisms (including Coronavirus), each vehicle will be sprayed and treated. Learn more about this process below.

Seat and Wheel Covers

Once disinfected, a disposable seat cover, wheel cover and floor mat will be placed in each vehicle before our drivers enter the vehicle.

Hand Sanitizer

Complimentary hand sanitizer will be in each vehicle for use throughout your project.

Contactless Delivery

When the vehicle is ready, it will be delivered with new disposable floor mats, seat and wheel covers. Keys will be left in the vehicle (or in a sealed/sanitized baggie) and documents will be digitally signed via DocuSign/fax/email.

Transform Antimicrobial Technology

Transform Disinfectant is EPA/FDA approved and generates ultra-pure chlorine dioxide. It is a remarkable biocide that provides a superior fast kill against a wide range of germs, bacteria, viruses, fungus, algae and spores. It is also a general- purpose antimicrobial cleaner used in a wide range of applications.

  • Unlike other traditional disinfectants that poison, chlorine dioxide, as an oxidizer, physically destroys at a cellular level.
  • Transform harnesses the power of chlorine dioxide and kills micro-organisms by attacking at the molecular level, ultimately killing the cell and preventing microbial resistance.
  • The ultra-pure chlorine dioxide does not bleach or damage most surfaces and easily penetrates biofilm, killing the microorganisms that hide under there.
Questions and Answers

What extra precautions are you taking to keep the vehicles clean?

Our detailing department will be using the Transform Antimicrobial Technology on every vehicle, paying special attention to all high-touch points (ie: steering wheels, gear shifts, cup holders, radios, HVAC controls, dashboards, and seat/seatbelts). Once the disinfectant has been applied, a disposable seat cover, steering wheel cover, and floor mat will be installed for delivery. A new set of covers and mats will be installed once our driver has reached the destination.

How are we keeping our employees safe?

CVS will only have a handful of employees on the premises at one time. These employees will all be given a health screening and have their temperature taken before entering the building. Once on the premises, each employee will be wearing a mask for the duration of their work day.

How will we handle contactless delivery and signatures?

Using DocuSign/email/fax, CVS will send your documentation ahead of your delivery. The keys will be left inside the vehicle (or delivered in a sealed/sanitized plastic baggie) on your secured facility lot. Once delivery has been made, you can sign the document via DocuSign/email/fax on your computer or mobile app. If your company has any specific delivery requirements, please let us know and we will accommodate your needs.

Will the parts I ordered be delivered using the same cleaning procedures?

Yes. Once we have obtained the part(s) you ordered, we will disinfect it and deliver it using a sanitized vehicle and drop off procedure. If you have any specific concerns or requests, please call and let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you.

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