About Us.

Competitive Vehicle Services (CVS) is a corporate vehicle rental and sales company serving the needs of companies nationwide. Competitive Vehicle Services has been a member of The Suburban Collection since 2005. From an automotive OEM based in Los Angeles or The Detroit Three, CVS is able to professionally deliver the vehicles needed for any vehicle project or promotion. CVS has the ability to rent or sell vehicles to companies and corporations across the country. We pull ahead of our competition by the ability to showcase Suburban’s over 35 vehicle manufacturers and numerous retail locations.


Services We Provide.

Our vehicles are rented or purchased by manufacturers, suppliers, and ad agencies for:
-        vehicle testing
-        benchmarking
-        photo shoots
-        video production
-        consumer events
-        promotions
-        ride and drives
-        worldwide vehicle & part procurement
-        door to door white glove delivery
-        onsite vehicle support available
-        we are available 24/7

 Can assist you in the procurement of your Automotive Parts needs

locally, nationally and international. 

Any Part, any kind, any time … for your (or your clients’) evaluations, testing and or event. Our staff can produce the part you require in an expeditious manner and most importantly, for a competitive price.  Competitive Vehicle Service offers one-stop shopping for all of your vehicle parts needs. We can also ship them anywhere in the world. We can also provide overseas and out-of-market vehicle parts to be purchased and shipped back to the United States for use.





Some of our customers include:
General Motors
Jackson Dawson
And many more...


Exclusive provider of Competitive Vehicles to GM since 2005.